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The Planning Inspector has found that all references to separation distances between wind turbines and homes should be deleted from Policy 42. This is great news. 

Wiltshire Council was asked to consult again on the inspector's recommendations.  This consultation concluded on Tuesday 27th May 2014.  We will update you when we receive further information.

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The Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance will continue to support clean energy developments in Wiltshire, and continue to ensure prejudice against renewables is challenged wherever necessary.

  To read about our 2014 solar policy - Click here

Historical information relating to 2012 round of consultation on amendements to Policy 42:

In 2012 a planning inspector told Wiltshire Council they had to go back and consult the public on their controversial amendment to Policy 42 of the Core Strategy. 

The consultation ended on 1st November 2012, but below you can find links to responses from the Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance and key supporters. You can also find links to information we provided for clean energy supporters.

* The planning inspector’s hearing on Core Strategy Policy 42 (renewable energy installations) took place on May 16th 2013 - Click here
* For a rebuttal of evidence presented to Wiltshire Council regarding amendment to Policy 42 - Click here

* Policy 42 submission from the Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance - Click here
* Submission from Duncan Hames MP - Click here
* Submission from the RSPB - Click here
* Submission from the Campaign Against Climate Change - Click here

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