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CORE STRATEGY UPDATE - The Planning Inspector’s Examination in Public for
Wiltshire’s Core Strategy took place in July 2013. 

NEWS: April 10th 2014 - A win for wind in Wiltshire
We are pleased that the Planning Inspector has said that all reference to separation distances between wind turbines and homes should be deleted from the Core Strategy.

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Who are we?
The Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance is a group of local residents, businesses, and community groups from Pewsey to Bradford on Avon. By working together we aim to ensure Wiltshire planning rules are fair, and that Wiltshire plays its part in reducing Britain's carbon emissions.
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Solar farms
The Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance has been pleased to note the increasing number of solar developments in Wiltshire.  Public interest in solar farms has grown alongside the number of applications to Wiltshire council for planning permission.  In response, we have developed our own solar policy, which we use when deciding which solar farm developments we should support. 
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Council policy threatens wind farm development
A last minute amendment to the Wiltshire Core strategy aimed to end wind farm development in Wiltshire. The justification for this amendment, ostensibly on health and safety grounds, was based on ill-informed opinion, rather than facts and science.
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You can help
Hundreds of local people, organisations and business responded to Wiltshire Council's consultation on wind farm planning policy. The consultation ran from 20th September to 1st November 2012.
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Unfair policy
Planning policy should be open-minded and un-biased. The Wiltshire Council amendment seeks to place prejudice against one form of development at the heart of our planning system. Wind farms, as other developments, should be subject to fair planning scrutiny, considered on a case-by-case basis, and sited only where appropriate. The Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance has submitted a strong case against the anti-wind amendment to the Council.
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